Chronology: 2018 – To date


2018 – 2022

Growth as Parish under Fr. Thomas Mulavanal


2018 March 2-4
Marriage Preparation Course at St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2018 March 4
A general council was held. Accounts were presented.

2018 March 23-25
A 3-day Lenten retreat was organized at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago. The retreat was led by Rev. Fr. Siby Pulickal.

2018 March 20
In preparation for Easter, Sacrament of Confession were given to the old and the sick along with the reception of Eucharist at their homes. Lenten offerings were used for corporal works of mercy by donating to hospitals at Kottayam.

2018 April 08
New Sunday (Puthu-Njayar) celebrations were sponsored by Kallara Old Church parishioners. Divine mercy Sunday feast was also celebrated.

2018 April 13
2nd Friday night vigil was organized at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago. The night vigil was lead by Brother Mario Joseph.

2018 April 20
Annual CCD fest was organized at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2018 April 29
St George feast was celebrated.

2018 May 06
Rev. Fr. Boban Vattampurath who was serving as Assistant Vicar at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago was given send-off to Atlanta as the Vicar of Holy Family Knanaya Church, Atlanta.

2018 May 10
Feast of Ascension of Our Lord was celebrated.

2018 May 13
Mother’s Day was celebrated.

2018 May 23
Parish council was held at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2018 May 27
Annual First Holy Communion Qurbana was celebrated at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago. 37 Kids received their First Holy Communion.

2018 May 31
Today marked the ending of the Vanakkamasam (Month of Mary).
Also commemorated the 41st day ceremony of deceased Archbishop Mar Abraham Viruthakulangara.

2018 June 03
Cancer prevention class was organized at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago. The class was taken by Dr Madhu a medical college professor, KTYM.

2018 June 12
St Anthony’s Feast was celebrated.

2018 June 14
1st death anniversary of Archbishop Mar Kuriakose Kunnassery was commemorated.

2018 June 28
A class for married couples was arranged at St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago. The class was led by Marykutty Teacher of the Christeen ministries.

2018 June 29
Feast of Saints Peter and Paul was celebrated.

2018 July 03
Feast of Dukhrana was celebrated. The feast was sponsored by the parishioners of Punnathura.

From this week onwards on every Tuesdays a one-hour Eucharistic adoration was arranged from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM with the intention of the main feast conducted by the youth of St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2018 July 04
Independence Day was honored by celebrating Holy Qurbana. Afterwards Jericho prayer was organized as a procession around the church.

2018 July 12
After the Holy Qurbana Marykutty Teacher of the Christeen ministries conducted a session.

2018 July 13-14
From 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM on these days a retreat led by Shalom was arranged for everyone including kids.
Butterfly Camp was organized.

2018 July 25-27
His Excellency Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkattu inaugurated the Kid’s Convention. The Kid’s Convention was held for kid’s of age 7-14.

2018 July 26
Brother Joseph (Ankit) Thachara received his Minor Order Karoya from His Excellency Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkattu.

2018 July 29
Superior General of St Joseph’s Congregation Rev. Sr Saumy SJC visited and was welcomed at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago. Lenten offerings and the gifts received to holy communion candidates were given as an aid to AIDS patients in the cancer hospital.

St. Alphonsa’s Feast was celebrated.
A general council was held regarding the Main Feast.

2018 August 06
Classes were taken for youth on altar serving at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago at 5:00 PM.

2018 August 08
Marked the beginning of the main feast conducted and sponsored by youth of the St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2018 August 15
Feast of Assumption of our Lady, the main feast of St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago was celebrated.

2018 August 26
St Pius X feast was celebrated.

2018 September 02
St Augustine’s feast was celebrated.

2018 September 05
St Mother Teresa’s feast was celebrated.

2018 September 08
A communal gathering of those who were named after St Mary was arranged as part of the feast of Nativity of Mary. As part of the feast, a house-based Marian Decoration Competition was organized with 51 participants.

2018 September 09
Women’s ministry meeting was held.

2018 September 21-23
Ezra Meet, School of Evangelization residential retreat for spiritual leaders.

2018 September 17
Legion of Mary and Vincent De Paul society came together and organized a pilgrimage to Mary Town and Mundelein Seminary.

2018 September 28
Regional representatives meeting was held on this day at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago. 68 participants representing each parish including priests, religious sisters, trustees, parish council members and DRE’s attended. Holy Qurbana was celebrated by Knanaya Region Director Rev. Fr. Thomas Mulavanal as chief celebrant before the meeting. Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath was the chief guest for the meeting. Meeting discussed various topics like the working of existing commissions, future endeavors of the Region and challenges faced by Knanaya community in USA.

2018 October 01
Feast of St Therese of Lisieux was celebrated.

Marked the beginning of 10-Day Rosary Novena as part of the month of rosary.

2018 October 02
Feast of Guardian Angels was celebrated.

2018 October 04
Feast of St Francis of Assisi was celebrated.

2018 October 06
Men’s Ministry of the St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago organized a one-day trip to Wisconsin.

2018 October 07
Feast of St Gervase and St Protasis The Twin Martyrs were celebrated. As part of the feast a twins gathering was held. 20 twins participated in the Holy Qurbana and the gathering afterwards.

2018 October 11
Parish council meeting was held.

2018 October 13
Rev. Fr. Dr. George Dhanavelil conducted a ‘Teachers Training Seminar’ for the CCD teachers at St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Chicago.

2018 October 14
Rev. Fr. Dr. George Dhanavelil conducted a class on the topic ‘The Role of Parents in Catechizing’ at the auditorium of St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Chicago for parents.

For Grades 1-4, Rev. Fr. Bins Chethalil arranged ‘Unnikalari’ on every Saturdays.

2018 October 15
Feast of St Teresa of Avila was celebrated.

2018 October 20
Today was Mission Sunday. As part of mission Sunday a ‘Dollar Drive’ program was organized at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Chicago.

2018 October 22
On this Tuesday was held a Koodarayogam executive committee meeting at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Chicago.

2018 October 24
St. Jude’s feast was celebrated.

2018 November 02
All Souls day.

2018 November 04
All Saints day was celebrated today.

2018 November 11
American Kidney Foundation led a session on ‘The Possibilities of Organ Donation’ at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Chicago. This event was organized by Men’s Ministry.

2018 November 18
Today was Vocation day.

Rev. Fr Philip Thodukayil celebrated his golden Jubilee by cutting a cake with us at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Chicago.

2018 November 23
On this Friday evening Yuvajana Sandhya was organized in the name CHUNKS 2018 at 6:00 PM at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago as part of the Thanksgiving Day. After celebrating Holy Qurbana and Eucharistic Adoration Rev. Fr. Bins Chethalil inaugurated the program. Events were organized by the youth including competitions, and cultural programs. Afterwards thanksgiving food and music was also arranged. There were over 200 youth participants.

2018 November 23-26
Krupabhishekam Retreat was held during these days led by Rev. Fr. Dominic Valamanal at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago. His Excellency Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath inaugurated the retreat by celebrating the Holy Qurbana as chief celebrant along with Vicar Rev. Fr. Thomas Mulavanal, Rev. Fr. Dominic Valamanal, Rev. Fr. Bins Chethalil, Rev. Fr. Paul Chalissery, Rev. Fr.George Maliyekal, Rev. Fr. Johns VC. The retreat lasted for 4 days and had participants from all over the USA. Over thousand faithful participated in this retreat.

2018 November 25
On this Sunday Infant Jesus statutes were blessed and given at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2018 December 07-09
A 40- hour Eucharistic Adoration was organized during these days. On the last day along with Holy Qurbana celebrated by Rev. Fr. Michael Vettikkattu Eucharistic procession was also organized.

As part of Christmas celebrations various competitions were arranged including house decoration competition, crib decoration competition, Santa Claus competition and Carol competition.

2018 December 15
Senior Citizen’s group led Christmas celebrations at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.
Chicago Ecumenical Council organized several competitions and members from St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago participated. Our Dance Team displayed and outstanding performance. In the competitions, we received 1st prize for Volleyball and 2nd Prize for Basketball.

2018 December 16
Celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. ‘Unnikalari’ Christmas celebrations were arranged.

2018 December 23
Christmas celebrations were arranged for CCD kids. ‘Jingle Bell’ Parade was organized.

2018 December 27
Feast of the Holy Innocents was celebrated.

2018 December 30
Feast of St Stephen the First Martyr was celebrated today at St Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2018 December 31
Year ending and year beginning ceremony were done along with Eucharistic Adoration from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM and celebrating Holy Qurbana at 11:00 PM.


2019 January 01
Today after 10:00 AM Holy Qurbana a ‘career guidance’ class was conducted for the parents of high school and college students. This seminar shared a lot of information about the college application preparation and the challenges in college life. The seminar was led by Dr. Ajimol Puthenpurayil.

2019 January 13
CCD mid-term exam was conducted.

2019 January 19
Preparatory classes for Holy Communion students started on this Saturday from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

2019 January 20
Inaugurated the official 2019 Calendar of St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Chicago.

2019 January 27
Commemorated Servant of God Mar Mathew Makil on his 105th death anniversary.

2019 February 03
A seminar for the parents of 2nd and 3rd grade students was conducted after the 10 am mass at the school hall. This was a mandatory class for the parents in preparation for the holy communion. Fr. George Dhanavelil led the seminar.

New trustees and new parish council members took charge of their respective offices after the holy Qurbana.

2019 February 08
From this day onwards on every Friday after the 6:00 PM Holy Qurbana a class will be conducted on the topic ‘Theology of the Body’ by Bro. Joseph Thachara for those above the age of 15 after the holy Qurbana.

2019 February 09
After 10:00 AM holy Qurbana a class on ‘Safe Environment’ was conducted.

From this day onwards on every Saturday from 4:00 PM a Bible Study was conducted on the Holy Gospel of St. Mark by Bro. Joseph Thachara.

2019 February 10
A farewell was given to Rev. Fr. Msgr. Augustine Palackaparambil at St. Mary’s Chicago. He was serving as Vicar General of the diocese and as the Vicar of Chicago Diocese Cathedral.

Annual general council was held.

2019 February 11-13
3-Day Lenten feast was celebrated. On 13th Wednesday ‘Purathu Namaskaram’ was held.

2019 February 24
Seminar for couples on family renewal was led by Rev. Dr. Fr. Roy Palatty CMI. This program was arranged by the Women’s Ministry and Legion of Mary. Rev. Dr. Fr. Roy Palatty is the spiritual advisor to Shalom Ministry and also a Professor at Bangalore Dharmaram college.

2019 March 01-03
Pre-marriage course was held on these days. For the first time 51 participants were there for this course held at St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2019 March 03
A class was held for the parents of those who are receiving holy Communion this year.

2019 March 04
Ash Monday.

2019 March 12-19
Novena feast of St. Joseph was celebrated on these days. Feast was concluded on 19th the day of the death of St. Joseph. On this day a gathering was conducted of those who were named after St. Joseph.

2019 March 14
St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Youth Ministry arranged a Campus Ministry initiative at De Paul University on this day including celebration of the Holy Qurbana and dinner gathering.

2019 March 17
Br Joe Wagner, seminarian for the archdiocese of Atlanta conducted a class on ‘Scriptural Reflection and Vocation Story’ for youth and kids. This program was arranged under the leadership of the Youth Ministry.

2019 March 18
A parish council meeting was held.

2019 March 27-28
For the kids of 1-4 grades ‘Butterfly Camp’ was organized during their vacation. The camp was led by Sr. Joan, Twinkle Thottichirayil, Marykutty (Christeen) and Bibi Thekkanattu and team. CCD Directors and Church executive made the necessary arrangements for the camp.

2019 March 31
Men’s and women’s ministry was officially inaugurated. The meeting successfully created an action plan for the coming year.

2019 April 05-07
Lenten Retreat was conducted led by Fr Tom Raj. For kids retreat was led by Graziano and Nancy.

2019 April 13
CCD Festival

2019 April 21
Easter Sunday

2019 April 22
Free medical consultation for people who have no insurance or medical care was organized at St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Chicago after the usual 10:00 AM Holy Qurbana.

2019 April 28
Special prayer was organized among the CCD kids for those who were deceased in Sri Lanka during the easter bombings.
Father Michael Metz of Atlanta Archdiocese led a Bible reflection session for the CCD kids.

2019 April 29
A parish council meeting was held

2019 May 01
St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Youth Ministry arranged a Campus Ministry initiative at Marquette University on this day.

2019 May 04
Sr. Silverius celebrates her 50th Anniversary of her Religious life

2019 May 05
Celebrated Knanaya Region day.
Koodarayogam Bible Quiz under the name ‘Biblia’ was conducted.

2019 May 12
The Lenten sacrifices of the CCD kids was collected as a fund as part of the ‘Water Challenge’ initiative that is aimed at providing water availability to local areas in Kerala during the drought seasons. Water was made available to deserving areas with the help of High Range Green Valley Development Society.
CCD final exams were conducted.
Celebrated Mother’s Day which was organized by Men’s ministry. As part of the celebrations a seminar was conducted by Prof. Mercy Moolakkatt, KCWA president of Archdiocese of Kottayam.

2019 May 26
First holy communion Qurbana was celebrated at 2:30 PM. Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt was the chief celebrant.

During the holy communion Qurbana Brother Joseph Thachara was given the sub-diaconate order by Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt.

Inauguration of logo and theme song as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church Chicago along with new Rectory blessing was done by Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt.

CCD appreciation celebrations were organized together by all the ministries. BBQ cook-out was arranged specially for the CCD teachers and kids.

2019 May 27-28
A follow-up program was conducted for those who attended the ‘Butterfly Camp’.

2019 May 30
Feast of Ascension of our Lord.

2019 June 02
Women’s ministry Executive meeting took place.

A class was conducted for the parents of the kids who received holy communion.

2019 June 16
Father’s Day was celebrated. Women’s ministry organized Father’s Day celebrations.

2019 June 17-20
Retreat for Priests took place on these days at Carmel Retreat Center near Darien.

2019 December 13-15
40 hours adoration at SMKC


2020 Feb. 3-5
Three days fast and Purathu namaskaram. Fr. Boban Vattampurath was the main celebrant.

2020 Feb 15
10th grade CCD students went for voluntary service at feed the starving children at Libertyville, IL

2020 Feb. 16
General body Meeting of the parish to approve annual accounts.

Free Dental screening exam for children by Dr. Liya Kunnasseril

2020 Feb. 17.
Mass for the University Students at UIC Campus at 7pm

2020 Feb. 23
Today we celebrate “Pethrutha”. Special seminar organized for the parents of our high school students by Dr. Ajimol Puthenpura.

In connection with the 10th anniversary celebration, parish decided to build few houses in Kerala as part of its charity named as “SNEHAVEEDU”.

2020 Feb 24
Ash Monday day of obligation 2 masses. During Lent every day there will be two masses 8 am and 7 pm.

Decided to make a pilgrimage of Mather Mary’s statue to all Koodarayogangal as part of 10th anniversary.

2020 March 6-8
Knanaya Catholic Region Pre-Marriage Course at St. Mary’s Church, Chicago.
Career day organized by Youth Ministry on Sunday.

2020 March 8
World Women’s Day celebration led by Women’s ministry. Different competitions were conducted.
As part of the 10th anniversary celebration, we decided to donate 75 “Thayyal Machine” to the poor families in Kerala in collaboration with Kottayam Social Service Society.

American Bishops Conference declared to observe a prayer day to control Covid 19 through our prayers.

2020 March 15
Official declaration of Govt. Covid 19 Restrictions.  Maximum number of attendances is 10 people at mass and other liturgical services. We planned for 4 masses on Sundays during this pandemic season. Sanitization, Social distancing, Mask etc are must during mass. CCD will be doing through Zoom Meetings. Mass on Sundays (10 am Malayalam & 12 pm English) and weekdays will be telecasted through KVTV. Koodara yogamgal will be through Zoom Meetings. We will be starting a help desk at our church for supporting Covid Patients. Lock down is declared by the Govt.

2020 March 16
Special prayers conducted for people working in the health care field.

2020 March 19
St. Joseph’s Death feast. 9 days novena.

2020 March 29
As most of the people are at home during this Covid 19 season, St. Mary’s Parish, Chicago & Knanaya Voice together starts an international “Holy Family Bible Quiz” competition for families. Competition will be conducted every other Saturday through Zoom.

2020 April 5. Hoshana Sunday. During the Sunday service there will not be palm leaf distribution due to the COVID-19.

Next Wednesday there will be a reconciliation preparation talk for all people in our Knanaya Region through KVTV by Fr. Saji Pinarkayil

2020 April 9
Maundy Thursday. Liturgical services will start at 7pm, Good Friday Passion service at 5 pm.

2020 April 12
Easter. Easter vigil service in English at 5 pm for youth and 7 pm in Malayalam, Easter Sunday 10 am and 5pm.

2020 April 24-26
Knanaya Catholic Region Pre-marriage course conducting through Zoom Meeting.

2020 April 30
Knanaya Region day celebration. (April 30, 2006)

2020 May 3
Sunday: Month of May for Marian devotions, Divine Mercy Feast Celebration, Puthunjayar celebration sponsored by Kallara Parishioners. At the request of the parents, every Wednesday we will be celebration Mass in English and that will be live streamed in KVTV.

2020 May 9
Knanaya Catholic Region conducted a zoom meeting for all priests, pastoral council members and trustees together with the bishops from the Archdiocese of Kottayam to evaluate the pastoral coordination’s during the Covid 19. 100 participants were there in the zoom conference.

2020 May 10
Mother’s Day celebration. We will be honoring all moms. We are conducting two competitions: Near to moms Photo shot competition & Mother’s Day greeting card designing for kids.  Today we celebrate St. Michaels feast. Drive through prayer at Marian Grotto.

2020 May 14 Thursday
A prayer day for the eradication of Corona requested by the Pontifical Council for Inter religious Dialogue.

2020 May 24
World brother’s day: competition for family: “Annanum Thampiyum” entries are invited. CCD Examination will be conducted online. Solemn reception of Holy communion scheduled on June 1st is postponed to different days of convenience.

2020 May 25
Memorial Day celebration

2020 May 25
Fr. Bins Chethalil and I visited all families with Blessed Sacrament and Mother Mary’s statue, and blessed each family with bl. Sacrament to save our families from Corona virus. It was a big consolation and comfort for families and well accepted during this pandemic season. Koodarayoga coordinators guided us to each family. 10 days to complete the pilgrimage

2020 May 29-31
Knanaya Catholic Regional pre-marriage course through zoom meeting.

2020May 31
Concluding of Marian devotion: Vanakkamasam. There will be a competition for CCD children: Vanakkamasa songs.

2020 June 1
Sacred Heart Devotion starts: Vanakkamasam.

2020 June 5 Friday
World Environment day. Motto Go green today save the world tomorrow. A plant in our backyard as part of the Go Green Challenge.

2020 June 11. Thursday
Corpus Christi. We are arranging possibility of Drive Through ‘Holy Communion’ service.

2020 June 15-19
Feast day celebrations of Sacred Heart. Main feast of Sacred Heart Church, Maywood.

2020  June 21
Father’s Day celebration: two competitions: ’Pappy Appacha’ and ‘Great Father’, a photo shoot competition.

2020 July 1- 12
First time in the regional history we are arranging “Intensive Catechism-FAITH FEST 2020” for CCD students through KVTV Live Stream conducted by the Catechism department of the Knanaya Catholic Region.

2020 July 17
Today there is a “Vocation Discernment Program” through Zoom meeting organized by Knanaya Region Vocation Commission.

2020 July 18 Saturday:
10th Anniversary celebration of St. Mary’s KC parish, Morton Grove. We concelebrated a thanksgiving Mass. Celebrants of the Thanksgiving Mass: Bishop Mar Jacob Aangadiath, Bishop Joy Alappattu, Fr. Abraham Mutholath, Fr. Thomas Mulavanal and Fr. Bins Chethalil.  Only parish council members, pastoral council members and few founding members participated in it due to the Covid restrictions.

2020 July 19
Fr. Bins Chethalil is leaving for Miami as Fr. Joseph Sauriamackal going back to India for medical treatment. Due to the Corona virus Govt. restrictions, this year election for new trustees and parish council could be difficult. Hence Diocesan curia issued a circular extending all existing administrative board to one more year.

Contact Information

Pastor / Vicar:
Rev. Fr. Siju Mudakkodil

Parish Secretary:
Sr. Silverius S.V.M.

Associate Pastor:
Rev. Fr. Lijo Kochuparambil

Trustee Coordinator:
Sabu Kattappuram

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