Chronology: 2014 – 2017


2014 – 2017

Growth as Parish under Fr. Thomas Mulavanal


2015 January 22-29
THREE DAYS FAST (Moonnu Noyambu) was held on the days of 26, 27 and 28th of January and we also had Purathu-namaskaram.

2015 January 29
Parish council meeting.

2015 February 10
A General Council was held on this day. New trustees and parish council members took charge of their respective offices.

2015 February 15
A college preparatory class was held for high school students at our parish hall.

2015 February 22
His Excellency Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath visited the catechism students and celebrated Holy Qurbana for them.

2015 February 28
His Excellency Mar Jacob Angadiath elevated five Churches of the Knanaya Region to the status of Forane Parishes. Sacred Heart Church Maywood IL, Sacred Heart Church Tampa FL, St. Mary’s Church Houston TX, St. Stephen’s Church New York, and St. Mary’s Church San Hose CA were these five Churches.

2015 March 01
Sr. Xavier took charge as the Secretary of the parish Office.

2015 March 08
As part of the International Women’s Day celebration, the Women’s Ministry of the Church organized a class on the topic ” Family as A Domestic Church”.

2015 March 13 -15
Lenten retreat for three days was preached by Rev. Fr. Joe Plachery CMI

2015 March 22
Elevation of the Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Parish in Chicago as a Forane by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath in the presence of Bishop Mar Joy Alappatt and Bishop Mar Lawrence Mukkuzhy. Fr. Abraham Mutholath is appointed as forane vicar.

2015 March 22
St. Joseph’s feast was celebrated.   \\

2015 April 19
Rev. Fr. Paul Chalissery conducted a seminar on Family.

2015 April 26
Celebrated feast of St. George.

2015 April 30
A Parish council meeting was held.

2015 May 05
A lunch was arranged in appreciation of teachers.

2015 May 17
First Holy Communion mass was celebrated for 38 kids

2015 May 22-25
A pilgrimage to Guadalupe was arranged on these days.

2015 June 05-07
Knanaya Catholic Regional Marriage Preparation Course at St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2015 June 14
Today celebrated the feast of St. Anthony

2015 June 26-28
Knanaya Catholic Regional Marriage Preparation Course at Sacred heart Knanaya Catholic Church, Tampa.

2015 July 12
Prof. K V Thomas, the public accounting committee chairman of the Indian Parliament visited the parish as guests. Mr. George Kallivayalil a well-known journalist was also here.

2015 July 17-18
Our members attended for a meeting held at Detroit for the trustees and pastoral council members of the whole Knanaya Catholic Region.

2015 July 19
Today our parish celebrated the fifth anniversary of the consecration of the Church. We celebrated it as the Parish Day. As part of this celebration, many competitions were held including quiz and essay competition on family organized by Knanaya Region. Ten Koodarayogam’s actively participated in these events.

2015 August 08
Family Year essay competition was held.

2015 August 09-16
Our main feast was celebrated on these days. The Sponsor for the feast were Thomas and Mary Alunkal.

2015 September 3
A Parish Council meeting was held.

2015 September 12
Chicago Forane Bible Fest held at St. Mary’s Church. Chief guests: Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt and Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.

2015 September 25
‘Jairam Show’ was conducted as part of the Parish fundraising.

2015 October 29
An exhibition of Eucharistic miracles was organized. Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath initiated the program and Bishop Mar Paul Chittilapally concluded it.

2015 November 27
40 hour Eucharistic adoration took place starting from 27th of November 2015. The adoration was ceremoniously concluded by Bishop Mar Joy Alappattu, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago.

2015 December 13
Solemn celebration of the ending of Family Year. As part of this different gatherings were organized. Gatherings of kids who were born during the family year, of couples who were married during the year, of those who were celebrating wedding anniversaries of 25, 40 and 50, of those who have married for more than 60 years, of parents of children who chose religious life and of those couples who are less than 50 years of age and have four or more children.

2015 December 18-20
Retreat in preparation for Christmas.


2016 January 24
Celebrated Feast of St. Sebastian.

2016 February 07
we had Parish Council Meeting

2016 February 21
General Council (Pothuyogam) was held.

2016 February 23
Today Bishop Mar Joy Alappattu declared St. Mary’s Parish as a pilgrimage center of Mercy in the Diocese and celebrated mass.

2016 March 03-06
Lenten Retreat both for adults and youth was organized for three days.

2016 April 23
Today we held CCD Fest.

2016 May 01
As decided by the parish council we started an additional Qurbana on Sundays at 7:45 AM.

2016 May 12
Medical doctors from Loyola University were here for a sample survey of genetic risk factor for heart diseases for those above the age of 18.

2016 May 30
On this day 31 kids received their sacrament of First Holy Communion. At 12:00 noon our church participated in a Eucharistic procession held by St. Isaac’s Church. As part of the Year of Mercy, the Save Family Project cooperated with “Karunyadeepam Project” and give $4870.

2016 June 01
Parish Council meeting was held. The Agenda was to plan for the Main feast of the Parish in August.

2016 June 10-12
Knanaya Catholic Region Marriage Preparation Course at St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Church, Chicago.

2016 June 26
A Send-off was arranged for Rev. Fr. Jose Chirapurathu

2016 July 17
A General Council was held.

2016 August 04
A Parish Council meeting was held. 120 participants attended for a youth retreat.

2016 August 14.
Main feast of the parish sponsored by Cyriac Koovakkattil and family.

2016 August 19 -21
Chicago Forane Youth Retreat by Kairos Team at Bishop Lane Retreat Center, Rockford.

2016 August 21
Fr. Boban Vattampuram took charge as associate pastor of Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic parishes of Chicago.

2016 August 28
Rev. Fr. Boban Vattampurathu took charge as the Assistant Vicar.

2016 September 10
10th anniversary celebration of Knanaya Catholic Region. Over 200 Regional representatives (priests, religious and Laity) from 12 parishes and 9 missions of the Knanaya region gathered at St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Parish, Chicago to discuss the pastoral issues of the Knanaya immigration. Major Archbishop George Cardinal Alancherry, Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Michael Mulhall, Bishop of Penbrooke, Canada, (delegate appointed by the Oriental congregation for the Knanaya issues), Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakatt, Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath, Bishop Mar Joy Alappatt were present at the daylong celebration.

2016 September 11
Final Day of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Parish, Chicago. Inauguration by Syro-Malabar Major Archbishop Mar George Cardinal Alancherry. Other dignitaries were: Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt, Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath, Bishop Mar Joy Alappatt, and Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Michael Mulhall (Canada). Priests from the Knanaya Region and other invited priests were also concelebrants.

2016 October 1
Sr. Silverius took charge as office secretary of the parish.

2016 October 2
After celebrating Holy Qurbana a farewell was given to Sr Xavier and Sr Sandra.

2016 October 07-09
A retreat was conducted by Rev. Fr. Siby Pulickal.

2016 October 20
After Holy Qurbana at 7:00 a Parish Council meeting was held.

2016 October 26
A pilgrimage was organized from October 26 to November 06 including places like Lourde, Fatima, Medjugorje and Rome.

2016 October 30
As part of the year of mercy a youth concert named ‘Christ Culture’ was organized at our church.

2016 November 11
Visitation Superior General Sr Ann Jose was welcomed at the parish.

2016 November 13
A flu shot camp was arranged at the Church led by Walgreens.

2016 November 18-20
A forty-hour Eucharistic Adoration was arranged in conclusion of the Year of Mercy. On 20th Sunday Bishop Mar Joy Alapattu celebrated Holy Qurbana for us.

2016 November 25
Today our parish youth organized a Thanksgiving Dinner. Over 250 youths participated.

2016 December 01
Nativity fast days begins. Blessing of Infant Jesus was done. Intentions for Carol were for a divider replacement and a Perpetual adoration room.

2016 December 13
Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego was celebrated.

2016 December 17
Parish Council Meeting was held.

2016 December 18
Confessions were held in preparation for Christmas.

2016 December 19
Our Youth planned on conducting a ‘feeding my starving children’ program at Liberty Villa.                          K.C.Y.L and Yuvajanavedhi together cooperated in the fundraising program for the Region. $1000 were given in this regard.

2016 December 20
Msgr. Michael Vettikkattu celebrated Holy Qurbana and Christmas celebration for kids.

2016 December 24
Christmas Eve.

2016 December 26
St. Stephen’s feast was celebrated.

2016 December 27
St. John’s feast was celebrated.

2016 December 28
Feast of the Holy Innocents was celebrated.

2016 December 31
Holy Qurbana was celebrated at 7:00 PM marking the end of the year. Eucharistic adoration also took place.


2017 January 01
Year of youth was inaugurated by celebrating Holy Qurbana for the youth.

2017 January 19
The last meeting of the existing parish council was held.

2017 January 20
St. Sebastian’s feast was celebrated.

2017 January 22
Organized ‘March for Life’ which started at 12:00 PM. A general council was held.

2017 January 28-29
Knanaya Catholic Region Cenacle Meet 2017 (Thapas Retreat) on January 28 and 29 at St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Parish, Chicago lead by Bro. Santhosh-Christeen Team. We had over 100 participants from the region.

2017 January 29
New trustees and Parish council members were elected and after taking oath took charge of their respective offices.

2017 February 05
A ‘Blood Drive’ was sponsored by the youth group from 8:30 AM to 02:00 PM.

2017 February 09
A Parish council meeting was held.

2017 March 03
His Excellency Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath visited the Holy Communion students and celebrated Holy Qurbana for them.

2017 March 08
A night vigil was organized which was led by Sr Gracy MSML Kalathuvayal.

2017 March 12
‘Passion of Christ’ play was conducted by the polish community.

2017 March 14
A meeting was held for the Koodarayogam coordinators. Benny Chathampadathu sponsored for the replacement of kitchen tiles. Biju Kizhakkekuttu sponsored for the installment of granite stone on top of the cabinet.

2017 March 19
St. Joseph’s Feast was celebrated.

2017 March 28
Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel Director of the Kidney Foundation celebrated Holy Qurbana as the chief celebrant.

2017 April 01
Catechism anniversary celebrations were held at 6:30 PM.

2017 April 02
His Excellency Bishop Mar Stephen Chirappanath Apostolic Visitor of the Syro Malabar celebrated the Holy Qurbana as the chief celebrant for the youth.

 2017 April 07-09
Annual Lenten retreat was held during these days.

2017 April 13
Celebrated Pesaha Thursday. Washing of the feet ceremony were done for the youth.

2017 April 22
Youth group came together to prepare food for the homeless children and women in Chicago. It was led by Tony Kizhakkekuttu, Sr. Joan, and team.

2017 April 23
Parishioners of Kallara conducted the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle. Divine mercy feast was also celebrated. Yuvajanavedhi and Edakkattu forane K.C.Y.L helped mothers with disabled children by arranging a ‘Car Wash Drive’.

2017 April 30
St. George feast was celebrated.

2017 May 03-06
Guadalupe pilgrimage was arranged during these days. Vicar Rev. Fr. Thomas Mulavanal and Asst. Vicar Rev. Fr. Boban led the pilgrimage.

2017 May 14
A general council was held. Mother’s day celebrations took place.

2017 May 21
Feast of St. Michael the Archangel was celebrated.

2017 May 25
Feast of Ascension of our Lord was celebrated.

2017 May 28
The solemn reception of the Holy Communion Qurbana was celebrated. 39 Children received their Holy Communion.

2017 May 31
Closing of the Vanakkamasam. Feast of Visitation was celebrated.

2017 June 4
Pentecost celebrations were held, and Rev. Fr. Jose Kannuvettiel celebrated the Holy Qurbana.

2017 June 13
Feast of St. Anthony of Padua was celebrated.

2017 June 14
Demise of Archbishop Mar Kuriakose Kunnacherry who laid foundation for Knanaya Missions and Parishes of the Knanaya Region. Vicar General represented Knanaya region in the funeral.

2017 June 17
Youth day special Qurbana was celebrated at 11:00 AM. Afterwards, outdoor activities and free food were made available for high school and college students and young adults.

2017 June 30 – July 2
Knanaya Region Family Conference held at St. Mary’s Knayana Catholic Parish, Chicago. Bishops Mar Jacob Angadiath, Mar Joseph Pandarasseril, and Mar Joy Alappatt were chief guests. Rev. Dr. Joseph Pamplaniyil, Fr. Joseph Puthenpura, Regi Kottaram, Thomas Pulickal were speakers of the conference.

Knanaya Region Youth Conference held at Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Forane Parish, Chicago. Bishops Mar Jacob Angadiath, Mar Joseph Jose Pandarasseril, and Mar Joy Alappatt were chief guests. Br. Regi Kottaram, Fr. Thomas Loya, Mark Nemo, Dr. Alex Gotay, and others gave message.

2017 July 23
On this day Rev. Fr. Jose Avannoor celebrated Qurbana at our parish and St. James feast was celebrated.

2017 July 24-26
Summer Camp for kids from 3rd grade to 10th grade was conducted from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on these days.

2017 July 30
St. Alphonsa’s Feast was celebrated.

2017 August 6
Main feast marked its beginning on this day with flag hoisting and celebration of Qurbana by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath along with Rev. Fr. Saji Elampasseril and Rev. Fr. Jose Chooravelilkudilil.
Today Brother Joseph (Ankit) s/o Mathew and Jinu Thachara received cassock from Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath.

2017 August 7
Rev. Father Babu Madathiparambil celebrated the Holy Qurbana in the Syro Malankara Rite.

2017 August 8
Rev. Father Paul Chalissery celebrated the Holy Qurbana.

2017 August 9
Rev. Father James Joseph SDB celebrated the Holy Qurbana. Brother Sabu Aruthotty gave message.

2017 August 10
Rev. Father Johnykutty Puleessery celebrated the Holy Qurbana.

2017 August 11
Rev. Father Tomy Vattukulam celebrated Holy Qurbana. On this day ‘Yuvajana sandhya’ was organized for the youth.

2017 August 12
Rev. Father Abraham Mutholathu celebrated Holy Qurbana. Kaplon Vazhcha was held. Kala sandhya included programs from Sacred Heart Church Maywood.

2017 August 13
Our main feast, the feast of Assumption was celebrated on this Sunday including Solemn Raza Qurbana celebration at 10:00 AM and procession afterwards.

2017 August 19
Feast of Pope Saint Pius X was celebrated.

2017 August 22
Feast of Saint Augustine and Saint Euphrasia was celebrated on this day.

2017 August 31
A parish council meeting was held.

2017 September 8
Today marked the ending of ‘Ettu Noyambu’(8-day Fasting).

2017 September 9
Today a class on the topic ‘Child Protection and Safe Environment’ was arranged.

2017 September 24
Parish Day celebrations took place. A ‘Blood Drive’ was organized. Feasts of Saint Matthew and Saint Vincent De Paul was celebrated.

2017 September 25- October 5
A pilgrimage was held to Holy Land on these days. There were 38 participants for this pilgrimage.

2017 October 7
Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkattu celebrated the Holy Qurbana.

2017 October 11
Marked the ending of 10-Day Rosary Novena as part of the month of rosary. A rosary procession was held.

2017 October 22
A flu shot camp was organized led by Walgreens.

2017 October 26
Feast of St. Jude was celebrated.

2017 November 16
On this Thursday at 6:30 PM the blessing ceremony of the  Perpetual Adoration Chapel was done by Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath and celebrated Holy Qurbana afterwards.

2017 November 16-18
A 40-hour adoration was arranged.

2017 November 23-26
Krupabhishekam retreat was conducted on these days, led by Rev. Fr. Dominic Valamanal.

2017 December 8
Feast of the Immaculate Conception was celebrated.

2017 December 24
Christmas Eve Holy Qurbana at 7:00 P.M.

2017 December 25
Day of Christmas. Holy Qurbana at 10:00 A.M.

2017 December 26
Feast Day of St. Stephen was celebrated.

2017 December 28
Holy Innocents Feast (Infants Day)

2017 December 31
Year-ending Holy Qurbana and adoration.

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Pastor / Vicar:
Rev. Fr. Siju Mudakkodil

Parish Secretary:
Sr. Silverius S.V.M.

Associate Pastor:
Rev. Fr. Lijo Kochuparambil

Trustee Coordinator:
Sabu Kattappuram

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