CHRONOLOGY ♦ നാളാഗമം 2001-2006



Establishment of the Syro-Malabar Diocese of Chicago to the Establishment of Knanaya Region

2001 July 1
Inauguration of St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago and consecration of its bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath at Hyatt Hotel in Chicago.

2002 February 16
Fr. Philip Thodukayil started Saturday evening mass at 6:00 P.M. on every third Saturdays of the month at our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Darien.

2003 October 29
Mar Jacob Angadiath officially recognized the Knanaya Catholic Mission of Chicago, along with nine other Knanaya Catholic Missions in the USA as a mission of the St. Thomas Diocese of Chicago. He also confirmed the appointment of Rev. Fr. Philip Thodukayil as the director of this mission. According to Mar Jacob Angadiath, “The Knanaya Catholic Mission of Chicago will consist of all the Knanaya Catholics living in the states of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.”

2004 July 1
Mar Jacob Angadiath relieved Rev. Fr. Philip Thodukayil from his service as director of Knanaya Catholic Mission of Chicago and appointed Fr. Abraham Mutholath, the vicar general, also as the director of the mission.

2004 July 1
Fr. Abraham Mutholath selected Mathachan Chemmachel, John Elackatt, Johny Thekkeparambil, Kurian Nellamattam, and Anil Edukkuthara as the “trustees” and George Thottappuram as secretary and PRO of the mission.

2004 August 7
Last Mass at St. Isidore’s Church in Bloomingdale.

2004 August 8
First Solemn Feast Celebration of the mission at IHM Church in honor of Pope St. Pius X. Bishop Mar Kuriakose Kunnacherry sent a particle of the scull cap worn by St. Pius X and personally gifted to Bishop Mar Mathew Makil as relics. Bishop Mar Mathew Moolakkatt was the main celebrant. Peter and Salykutty Kulanagara were the sponsors (prasudenties).

2004 August 21
Last Mass at our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Darien.

2004 September 4
Mass started at St. Peter’s Church in North Lake on every Saturday at 5:00 P.M. followed by novena of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

2004 September 11
Starting of Religious Education School at North Lake. Classes are held from 3:45 P.M. to 4:45 P.M. every Saturday.

2004 September 12
Starting of Religious Education School at IHM School. Classes are held from 4:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. every Sunday.

2004 December 3 – 5
First Pre-marriage Course offered by Knanaya Catholic Mission.

2005 March 5
First Religious Education Festival at Thaft High School.

2005 May 12 - 15
Feast of St. Michael sponsored by parishioners from Neendoor residing in Chicago area. Co-adjutor Bishop of the Archeparchy of Kottayam Mar Mathew Moolakkatt was the main celebrant.

2005 May 22
His Excellency Mar Mathew Moolakkatt requested the Knanaya Catholics in Chicago to establish our own church during his homily at IHM Church. The planning to have our own church started with this.

2005 May 31
Agreement signed by Rev. Thomas H. Cargo, pastor of St. Joseph Church in Addison and Mission Director Rev. Abraham Mutholath for the use of St. Joseph School for Religious Education and hall for Mass on Saturdays with effect from June 18, 2005.

2005 June 18
Mass for Chicago Suburb is moved from St. Peter's Church in North Lake to the hall of St. Joseph's Church in Addison. Fr. Abraham Mutholath celebrated the first mass here for the mission.

2005 July 1
Saji Pootrhukayil, Sunny Thekkepparambil, James Manjankal, and Baby Karikkal took charge as kaikkararans (trustees) of the mission.

2005 August 18 – 21
Solemn Feast Celebration of St. Stephen sponsored by Mathew and Alphonsa Poothura and family at Community Center, Thaft High School, and IHM Church.

2005 September 23
Mission started beginning of two-year Theology Course for lay people to learn more on the Church, Bible, and Spirituality. This helped for church awareness and development of dedicated volunteers.

2005 September 24
First Sal Solo Devotional Music Program for Knanaya youngsters held at OLV gymnasium.

2005 October 2
Started publishing Sunday Bulletin for the mission in the website and printed copies in the churches during weekend Masses.

2005 December 4
Celebrated the Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee of Vicar General and  Mission Director Rev. Fr. Abraham Mutholath at OLV Church. Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath was the chief guest.

2006 February 11
Starting of Legion of Mary unit in the mission.

2006 March 4
Religious Education Festival at Thaft High School. First presentation of Knanaya Kudiyetta Ballet with original songs published by the mission.

2006 March 18
Beginning of Senior Citizen’s Ministry in the mission.

2006 April 18
First Meeting of Better Family Movement of the Knanaya Catholic Mission.